What To Expect During a Colonoscopy

At Gastroenterology Associates of Southern California in Encino, CA, we want you to get the screening and care you deserve when it comes to your colon health. A colonoscopy allows your treatment provider assess the lining of your large intestine, rectum and colon to check for abnormalities. This is the best way to catch colon cancer early, as colon cancer does not generally cause symptoms until the disease is advanced. Both Dr. Mordo Suchov and Dr. Alan Joseph Naim will recommend a colonoscopy based on age, family history of colon cancer, or any symptoms you may have that are concerning.

Preparing For Your Colonoscopy in Encino, CA

It is important for your colon to be completely clean when you have a colonoscopy done, and your healthcare provider will discuss preparation with you for the screening to be done. Your diet should consist of only clear liquids the 24 hours before you get a colonoscopy, and you will likely be prescribed an oral laxative or cleansing solution to drink. This is a process, and you will want to be in the comfort of your own home while preparing for your colonoscopy the next day.

What to Expect During a Colonoscopy

Your doctor will use either a sedative or pain medication to ease any discomfort while you are getting the procedure. You might feel a little bloating or pressure, but otherwise you should not feel pain when getting a colonoscopy done. If your doctor finds any polyps, which are abnormal, usually non-cancerous growths, these will be removed during the colonoscopy. If there are areas of concern that require a biopsy, this will also be taken during the colonoscopy for further assessment.

Once Your Colonoscopy Is Over

Once the colonoscopy is finished, the doctor will talk to you about the results. You will be monitored for a short while to make sure any sedatives are worn off. You should be able to eat soon after the procedure, but it's important to start light with the foods you eat. If there are any abnormalities with your colonoscopy, the doctor will discuss the next steps to take to determine what is going on with your colon health. Polyps may be removed, and it is likely that they are non-cancerous. It is important to follow through with any further evaluations if there are areas of concern.

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